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DLP Decisions: CEL5500 Light Engine vs DLi6500 Type-S Optics Bundle

When searching for a DLP solution, it’s difficult to decide what is best suited for your application. The DLi team is here to support you throughout your search for the right solution. There are a variety of off-the-shelf, production ready optical modules available to help accelerate your design and development time for your advanced light control (ALC) application. This DLP Decisions article will help to define the differences between the CEL5500 Light Engine and the DLi6500 Type-S Optics Bundle

CEL5500 Light Engine

Starting with the CEL5500 Light Engine, this complete solution offers optics, illumination (both LED and fiber), and utilizes Texas Instruments’ DLP5500 Chipset. This chipset includes the DLP5500 DLP® 0.55” XGA Series 450 DMD, which is optimized for visible light wavelengths between 420nm – 700nm. Right out of the box, the CEL5500 enables users to work with 1-bit binary pattern rates up to 5,000Hz, 8-bit grayscale pattern rates up to 500Hz, and 8-bit grayscale video rates up to 60Hz.

CEL5500-LED w/Fiber Assembly (Side)

Rice University’s prototype of an optogenetic neural circuit mapping device utilizing the CEL5500

The DLP5500 DMD features over 750,000 micromirrors that are organized in a two-dimensional array of 1024 micromirror columns by 768 micromirror rows. The DLP5500 DMD is used to modulate the amplitude and steer the direction of incoming light. 

This DLP projector is a ready-to-use ALC solution for a variety of research, development, and volume production needs.  Users can choose between the following configurations: CEL5500-LEDCEL5500-FiberCEL5500-LED + Fiber AssemblyCELscope and user configurable options. 

The CEL5500 Light Engine is designed for monochromatic structured light applications. Some applications that have utilized the CEL5500 include:

The CEL5500 contains a unique component that separates it from the DLi6500 Optics Bundle: the TIR prism. The TIR prism allows for a straight line projection from the light engine, which creates the higher uniformity rate that is ideal for 3D printing applications. This means that the CEL5500 has an on-axis projection.

With its small size, this light engine can be easily embedded in medical devices, microscopes, lab instruments, optics tables, and production environments.

DLi6500 Type-S Optics Bundle

The DLi6500 1080p Optics Bundle is a high-performance, flexible DLP® optical module – at a competitive cost. The RAY-65S Optics Module is combined with the DLi6500 Type-S Development Kit to support a wide array of light steering applications. Equipped with a higher power output and a user-friendly control software, this high resolution optics bundle enables real-time 3D machine vision measurements and more accurate digital light exposures.

Featuring over 2 million micromirrors, the high resolution DLP6500FYE DMD is a spatial light modulator (SLM) that modulates the brightness and direction of incoming light. This dedicated chipset provides full HD resolution at high speeds and can be easily integrated into a variety of end equipment solutions.

At the heart of the DLi6500 Optics Bundles is the DLPC900 Digital Controller. When compared to the out-of-the-box capabilities of the CEL5500, the DLi6500 Optics Bundle offers zoom capabilities and almost doubles the binary pattern rate. The DLP® LightCrafter 6500 Firmware & Software bundle gives designers maximum flexibility to create and sequence light patterns, control pattern rate, bit depth, LED strobing & brightness, pattern mode, and syncs/triggers.

DLi6500-Fiber .65″ 1080p Type-S RAY Optics Bundle

DLi6500-LED .65 1080p Type-S RAY Optics Bundle

The unique capabilities offered by the .65” 1080p Type-S DMD make it well suited to support a wide variety of advanced imaging applications. The DLi6500 Optics Bundles are also available in either LED or fiber configurations. Compatible with the SugarCUBE™ LED Light Source, the DLi6500-Fiber Optics Bundle allows researchers to use their own light source. 

This affordable, ready-to-use, mountable projection system is ideal for customizing industrial, medical, security, telecom, instrumentation, and scientific applications such as: 

For more information on which DLP® solution is right for your application, reach out to the DLi team today!

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