The DLi6500 .65” 1080p Development Kits are high performance, flexible DLP development kits featuring the .65″ 1080p DMD with 1920 x 1080p resolution and access to over 2 million micromirrors. DLi6500 Development Kits include the DLP® LightCrafter™ 6500 Development Kit (Type-S or Type-A), DLP LightCrafter 6500 Firmware & Software Bundle, and DLi Power Supply & Cable Kit. The DLi6500 Development Kits feature the .65” 1080p DMD which are available in two DMD packages: Type-S vs Type-A.

At the heart of the DLi6500 .65” 1080p Development Kits is the DLPC900 Digital Controller. The DLPC900 allows for high-speed binary pattern rates up to 9,500 Hz which enables real time 3D machine vision measurements, faster 3D printing builds and more accurate digital light exposures with competitive cycle times in industrial markets. The DLi6500 also allows designers maximum flexibility to create and sequence light patterns, which can easily be controlled via the provided host graphical user interface (GUI) Control Software or DLPC900 API. Due to the common digital controller, users have the option to conveniently scale from the .65″ 1080p platform to the higher resolution .9” WQXGA platform.

The DLi6500 offers several interface options for USB, trigger inputs and outputs, video input through HDMI and Display Port connectors. The 2x user-configurable I/O triggers are convenient for synchronization with cameras, sensors, or other peripheral devices. The added flexibility enables diverse architectures for industrial, medical, security and instrumentation applications.

The DLP® LightCrafter 6500/9000 Firmware & Software Bundle includes a USB-based GUI which gives users full control over the DLPC900 right out of the box, including parameters such as pattern rate, bit depth, LED strobing & brightness, pattern mode, syncs/triggers and more. Numerous ports and connectivity options offer system flexibility and simplify chip integration into a wide array of end equipment. This high-performance programmable light-steering solution is ideal for customizing industrial, medical and scientific applications.

The DLi6500 supports a wide variety of emerging applications including 3D Machine Vision, 3D Inspection, Factory Automation, Biometrics, 3D Printing, Direct Imaging Lithography, Medical Imaging, Remote Sensing and Hyperspectral Imaging.

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  • DLP® Digital Micromirror Device (DMD)
    • DLP6500FYE .65” 1080p Type-S DMD
    • DLP6500FLQ .65” 1080p Type-A DMD
  • DLP® Support Chip
    • DLPC900 Digital Controller
  • Resolution
    • 1920 x 1080 (1080p)
    • > 2 Million Micromirrors
  • Pattern rates
    • 1-bit – 9,500Hz
    • 8-bit – 250Hz
    • Video – 60Hz
  • 2 Configurable I/O triggers for synchronization with cameras and other external devices
  • USB 1.1 / HDMI / DisplayPort
  • DLP® LightCrafter™ 6500 Firmware & Software Bundle
  • Compatible with all Windows platforms


  • DLP® LightCrafter™ 6500 Controller Board
  • DLP DMD & Support Chip
    • DLP6500 .65” 1080p DMD (Type-S or Type-A)
    • DLPC900
  • DMD Board & DMD Hardware (Type-A only)
  • DMD Board & Socket (Type-S only)
  • Flex Cable
  • DLP® LightCrafter™ 6500 Firmware & Software Bundle
  • Power Supply & Cable / USB Cable / HDMI Cable / DisplayPort Cable / GPIO Cable / Trigger Cable / Driver Cable


  • DLi6500 .65” 1080p Type-S Development Kit
  • DLi6500 .65” 1080p Type-A Development Kit
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