DLi Design Services

Design Solutions

DLi Design Solutions: Design. Consult. Prototype. Produce.

With extensive optical, electrical, mechanical and software design experience, the DLi Team provides complete design solutions custom tailored to your specific application. We’ve partnered with top companies and academic institutions throughout the world as well as domestic government agencies to provide state-of-the-art photonic solutions utilizing Texas Instruments DLP® technology. Our unparalleled services support clients from design concept to prototype development through the production design phases. DLi also provides design consultation, product manufacturing and inventory management services based on customer needs. Our main goal is to provide value throughout the entire product life cycle in order to reduce your overall time to market and maximize return on investment (ROI).


Design Services

Digital Light Innovations Design Services
  • Complete Light Engine Design (Optics, Mechanical, Electrical and Software)
    • Industrial, commercial and consumer applications
  • Custom Optics Design (Optical and Opto-Mechanical)
    • Illumination systems
    • Custom DLP® optics
    • Projection lens design
  • Custom Designs Based on TI’s DLP® and DLP Discovery™ Technology
    • Electronic board design
  • Custom Control & Data Interfaces
  • High-Speed Streaming Interface Design (PCIe)
  • Custom Application FPGA Programming
    • Full color and grayscale light modulation algorithms
  • Custom Software Development including GUI/API/Drivers/RTOS/Embedded

Development Process

DLi Development Process

The design process begins by determining the system requirements for a custom application. Some of these requirements include form factor, frame rate, resolution, interface, F#, brightness, telecentricity, and light source considerations. After the specific requirements have been established, DLi will work closely and collaboratively to establish a development schedule and deliverable timeline for project completion. We will tailor a turn-key solution that includes electronics, optics, light source, firmware and software.

Custom Optics

DLi Custom DLP Optics

DLi offers a full range of DLP® and non-DLP® custom optics design services. We specialize in developing complete projection systems that include optics, mechanical, electrical, firmware and software for industrial, commercial and consumer applications. We provide custom lens development that includes optical design, mechanical design and prototype delivery. Our optics team has designed hundreds of optical systems for DLP Cinema®, DLP® Discovery™, Pico Projectors, military and non-DLP® related applications and has nearly 30 DLP® related patents. In addition to complete engine and lens designs, DLi can also design and prototype optical elements:

  • TIR and RTIR Prisms
  • Illumination Optics (LED, laser, Lamp)
  • Integrating Optics (Fly-eye lenses and integrators)
  • Aspheres
  • Lens Adapters
  • Filters

We then use Zemax software to design the optics and AutoCAD or SolidWorks to design the mechanicals. Once the development project is complete, DLi can be your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and manage your supply chain.