DLi Manufacturing Services


In addition to world class design services, DLi provides complete Manufacturing Solutions. Whether you require electronic, electro-mechanical, opto-mechanical or possibly all three, DLi manufactures products to the highest standards. As a part of the TyRex family, with manufacturing capabilities in the U.S., Europe and Asia, DLi can produce your product where it makes sense for you and your customers.


Digital Light Innovations Quality

For DLi, quality is meeting or exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers. DLi’s commitment to our customers is to ship conforming products on time, every time. High quality, reliable products are born through the development process and maintained by utilizing world class manufacturing processes, testing and supplier management.


DLi Global Sourcing

DLi has spent considerable effort in forming and maintaining strong partnerships with our suppliers. Supplier management is a priority for DLi as we source components from the U.S., Europe and East Asia, depending on product volume, complexity and quality level. As a result, we are continuously monitoring our existing suppliers while developing new suppliers.

Post Manufacturing Services

DLi Post Manufacturing Services

We integrate our distribution and repair services with vigorous engineering, manufacturing and supply chain management processes. This integration allows for the assembly, distribution, warranty and repair of products as well as for efficient end-of-life product management while maintaining the highest quality standards at a total lower cost.