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DLi Prism Awards Recap

2022 Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation

he Prism Awards are presented every year at SPIE Photonics West. This annual competition, created by SPIE and their media partner Photonics Media, celebrates both companies and individuals who have contributed to the optics and photonics industry through innovative products that make a difference. The 2022 competition was a tough race, but we wanted to highlight the finalists and winners who have designed products that improve life through photonics!

Our team has previously attended this informative conference, and we were lucky enough to be there in 2020 to celebrate with our friends at TERA-print for their winning TERA-Fab™ E series instrument (the first commercial Beam Pen Lithography tool) in the Life Sciences category.

If you haven’t had the chance to attend a SPIE Photonics West Conference yet, our team highly recommends that you find an opportunity to attend in the future. Whether you’re looking to explore the newest technologies or you want to network with some of the brightest minds in photonics, SPIE Photonics West always shares the latest and greatest in advanced light-based technology.

The 2022 Prism Awards had 10 different categories with 30 total finalists. Winners were announced at SPIE Photonics West on January 26th, and eligible participants included those who had launched their product between 2020 and March of 2022. The DLi team was not able to attend the ceremony this year, but we want to bring attention to the cutting-edge photonics technology that is being used to improve the world.

DLi team at the 2020 SPIE Photonics West Conference

Category is: Augmented and Virtual Reality

A compact light engine for a new generation of AR glasses, a turnkey solution for custom 3D print lenses, and advanced optical sensing technology are the highlights for AR and VR technology this year.

Category is: Autonomous Vehicles

Lidar technology is continuing to be researched in a variety of applications, but these nominees focused on the affordability, usability, reliability, and size of this technology to be used for autonomous vehicles.

Category is: Better Sensing

With some tough competition in the imaging application category, these companies were nominated for their contributions to high-performance and resolution short wave infrared camera technologies at small sizes.

Category is: Biomedical Devices

Endoscopic imaging solutions, a handheld and mobile autorefractor, and a brilliant compact x-ray source – these cutting-edge clinical solutions stood out for their potential in medical digital imaging applications.

Category is: Displays

In a world full of displays, these technologies demonstrated no decline in innovations: a measure for ambient light, a panoramic view with a small footprint, and a projector small enough for smart eyewear.

Category is: Industrial Lasers

The shining beacons of technologies from this category include laser beam shaping and steering, ultrashort laser pulses, and a  product that (for the first time) integrates a DBR laser and a tapered amplifier on a single chip.

Category is: Manufacturing and Test

The key to advancements in manufacturing lie within the custom capabilities like freeform optics, testing the product, and the actual fabrication process. These technologies are just a glimpse at the possibilities.

Category is: Quantum

There are so many application paths in quantum physics, but these finalists developed technology for designing quantum matter, quantitative imaging, and secure communication powered by quantum physics.

Category is: Scientific Lasers

This laser category differentiated itself through their compact and cost-effective designs that are geared towards microscopy applications. High quality power and resolution can be seen in all of these finalists’ designs.

Category is: Software

Where would technology be without the brain to control it? These finalists designed software programs that make laser machine processes easier, can search optics and light sources from verified worldwide suppliers, and perform structural, thermal, and optical performance analysis on optical designs.

At DLi, we are not only experts in DLP interface and electronic controller board design, but we also specialize in custom optics and prototype development. As we continue to help our partners push the boundaries of light exploration, it is important to look at how DLP can accelerate innovation in new product development. With a custom DLP projector, our partners can create more affordable and versatile technologies — transforming their industry through the use of DLP. Reach out to the DLi team today for your DLP needs.

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