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Attaching a SugarCUBE™ LED Light Source For Use with DLP® Products

Digital Light Innovations is proud to offer SugarCUBE™ LED Light Sources to our DLP® customers. These light sources are super bright fiber optic illuminators which deliver up to 20-55 lumens per watt, offered in a complete system with photon engine, drivers and power supply. The SugarCUBE™ LED Light Sources compliment DLi’s line of DLP® Fiber Light Engines and Optics Bundles with no hassle implementation, supplying high intensity light for various technical needs and applications. In this video, we’ll demonstrate how to couple the SugarCUBE™ LED Light Source with our DLi6500 RAY Fiber Optics Bundle.

Digital Light Innovations is proud to now offer SugarCUBE™ LED Light Sources to our customers through the online DLi Store. These light sources are super bright fiber optic illuminators which deliver up to 20-55 lumens per watt. SugarCUBE starts with the brightest sources available to deliver maximum light output and then drive them with circuitry designed to extract even more light when coupled with fiber optics. All SugarCUBEs offer unmatched light stability, <0.5% for mission critical applications. SugarCUBEs also come in various standard colors designed to match the sensitivity of cameras, optimize image contract, improve fluorescence imaging and maximize overall quality. Additionally, customization for OEMs is available.

Click here to learn more about each type of SugarCUBE Light Source, or contact us at to learn more about our Fiber Optics Bundles + Light Sources.

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