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TyRex Technology Family Best of 2020

While 2020 may not be anyone’s favorite year, it has proved that the TyRex Technology Family is Built to Last. We had a lot of great moments this year so it’s time to take a look back at our accomplishments as we prepare for 2021. Be sure to click on each TyRex Technology Family snow globe to travel to some of the best content from this year, and check out our video featuring the highlights of the year in crisp 20/20 vision.




Arctos Snowglobe

Click the Arctos snow globe to read all about the Bear Necessities of Arctos.

ARL Snowglobe

Click the ARL snow globe to read about Testing in the Commercial Space Industry.

DLi Snowlglobe

Click the DLi snow globe to read about their visit to Photonics West.


iRex Snowglobe

Click the iRex snow globe to watch their team take on a project with a tight timeline and finish in time to be Home for the Holidays.

Megladon Snowglobe

Click the Megladon snow globe to see their patented HLC® process in action. 

RecognizeGood Snowglobe

Click the RecognizeGood snow globe to relive the first virtual Ethics in Business Awards.


SaberData Snowglobe

Click the SaberData snow globe to read about their abilities as a Microsoft Certified Reseller of Microsoft Surface Hubs.

SabeRex Snowglobe

Click the SabeRex snow globe to watch how our design and production know-how matched with Carbon 3D print technology leads to products that look, feel, and function better than the rest.

TekRex Snowglobe

Click the TekRex snow globe to see how they contributed to Thinkery’s mission to equip and inspire the next generation of problem solvers by helping to create a 3D-printed piggy bank.


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