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SPIE Photonics Innovation Summit

I had the opportunity to attend the 2008 SPIE Photonics Innovation Summit (The International Society for Optical Engineering). In this conference, information was provided on accelerating innovation in a photonics company. Seminars were given from luminaries in solar, next-generation lighting, and biophotonics about the challenges and successes in using innovation as a driver for growth. Specifically, I attended seminars on monitoring devices. While health care is clearly a complex and challenging market it is also one that everyone has concern with and can relate to. Areas which DLi believes will be opportunity for advancement will involve light therapies and medical tools using photonics. To help further these innovations, DLi is jointly hosting the 2009 Photomedical Applications Conference on March 5, 2009, in conjunction with Texas Instruments and the Texas Life Sciences Collaboration Center. With DLP Technology, DLi is strategically placed to help implement these emerging biophotonic technologies. Submitted By: Erin Taylor
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