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DLi’s Jorge Moguel at Inside 3D Printing Conference

DLi’s Executive Vice President Jorge Moguel spoke at the Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo December 4-5, 2017, in San Diego, California. Jorge presented in the session Demystifying DLP® Technology and its Future in 3D Printing” on December 4 at 3:35pm.

Consumer grade 3D printers and DIYers have been using generally available DLP® projectors for stereolithography for years. Makers of professional grade printers have resorted to modifying off-the-shelf projectors to get better performance. Now, with Carbon’s introduction of CLIP, DLP® has recaptured the interest and imagination of the 3D printing world. With origins in the broadcast and cinema industries, DLP® has a unique nomenclature. This session will explain how DLP® projectors are specified, what are available trade-offs and how these trade-offs impact your 3D print results. Among other things, it will explain specs like uniformity, distortion, and contrast; demystify difference between ANSI contrast and FOFO contrast; and how throw distance may impact efficient, uniformity and distortion. It will cover the trade-offs and benefits when using wavelengths down to 365nm and what the future holds at lower wavelengths.

The entire DLi team is thrilled that Jorge was a part of this exciting event in San Diego where he continued our discussion on DLP® Technology, 3D Printing and our 3DLP9000 Light Engine!

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