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DLideas 1: An Introduction to DLP Technology

The DLi team briefly introduces us to the basics of DLP Technology (digital light processing) in the first of DLi’s new series DLideas! DLi is one of the companies making up the TyRex Technology Family. Each company within TyRex focuses one way or another on light and photonics. DLi works with DLP® technology.

DLP® is based around a small digital imaging chip called a DMD or digital micromirror device. A DMD is comprised of up to two million individual micromirrors within a rectangular array. These micromirrors can be addressed individually by turning them on and off up to 30,000 times a second. This allows the user to steer and control light. This can be applied toward a wide array of scientific and industrial applications – everything from 3D printing (additive manufacturing) to digital imaging, virtual gauges, and more.

In this series, DLi will be taking a closer look at specific DLP® applications and their impact on our everyday life.

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