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DLi To Market To Defense Industry

Digital Light Innovations has recently completed a compliance program that assures their processes and procedures for product development comply with regulations required to market their DLP Technology to the US Defense Industry. Also, DLi will be exhibiting at the SPIE Defense Sensing and Security tradeshow in April, in Orlando, Florida.

Digital Light Innovations (DLi) is regarded as the world leader in DLP® light exploration. We are a full service design and manufacturing company with extensive experience in creating unique DLP®-based solutions for a broad range of applications. We are not only experts in DLP® interface and electronic controller board design, but specialize in custom optics as well as prototype design and development.

Notably, DLi was the first to receive the DLP® Authorized Design House designation from Texas Instruments (TI). DLi has partnered with TI to design the electronic controller boards, firmware and software for the Explorer API and Control Software utilized by the best-selling DLP® Discovery™ 4100 platform. DLi also partners with TI to manufacture the DLP® LightCrafter™ 6500 & 9000 EVMs and Development Kits.

Our product offerings range from:

DLP® Light Engines from DLi are not only robust in capability, but are modular, easily expandable, customizable and packaged into a small form factor. With access to 4 million pixel resolution in a DLP® light engine capable of 3D printing down to the 365nm range, researchers and developers using DLi’s 3DLP9000 Light Engine can speed up their work like never before. The 3DLP9000 is a unique light engine designed specifically with the professional-grade DLP 3D printer in mind. DLi’s other light engine, the CEL5500 Compact Embeddable Light Engine, is a modular, production-ready projection platform designed to provide users with a multi-functional, ready-to-use DLP® solution. The flexible, scalable architecture of the CEL5500 allows for a variety of illumination configurations to meet research, development and volume production needs.

DLi is proud to offer DLP® Optics Bundles for the  DLP Discovery™ and DLP LightCrafter™6500/9000 (Type-S & Type-A) platforms. The DLP® DiscoveryTMDLi41xx Optics Bundles combine the DLi41xx Development Kits with Optics Modules into one all-inclusive package. The DLi6500 1080p Optics Bundles are high-performance, flexible DLP® LightCrafterTM development kit solutions that include illumination and optics in a small, robust light engine package for a wide array of light steering applications.

  • DLP® Discovery™ DLi41xx Optics Bundles
  • SuperSpeed DLP® Optics Bundles
  • DLP® LightCrafter™ 6500 / 9000 (Type-S & Type-A)

Unlock the full capabilities of the best-selling DLP DiscoveryTM and DLP LightCrafterTM Development Kits. DLi offers three turn-key Development Kits in our DLi41xx Development Kits series, created in response to emerging DLP® trends and user’s needs, be it high-speed control software or real-time DMD video streaming. DLi is also proud to carry SuperSpeed USB 3.0 DLP® V-Modules from our partners at ViALUX, giving users full access to the DLP Discovery™ 4100 and LightCrafter™ 9000X Chipsets without the need of time-consuming developments. To support the DLP® LightCrafter™ 6500 / 9000 platforms, DLi offers the DLi9000 and DLi6500 1080p Development Kits, used for a wide variety of emerging applications.

  • DLP® Discovery™ DLi41xx Development Kit Series
  • SuperSpeed DLP® V-Modules
  • DLP® Discovery™ Discovery D4100
  • DLP® LightCrafter™ 6500 / 9000
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