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DLi Defined: What is DLP?

Digital Light Innovations is ready to take you on a journey through discovering DLP® technology in our new series. DLi Defined is a series in which we define the common jargon we use when talking about digital light processing and the numerous applications that use this technology.

In this first set of DLi Defined terms, we dive into the basics of advanced light control technology. We’ll break down digital light processing (DLP), digital micromirror devices (DMD) and micro-electro-mechanical systems  (MEMS). Each of these technologies are utilized for light pattern programming in a variety of applications.

In this clip, we’ll start by broadly defining what DLP is.

An essential central component to DLP technology, this clip will broadly define what a DMD is.

In this clip we’ll define MEMS, a broader term in which DMD falls into.

DLi is a full service design and manufacturing company with extensive experience in creating unique DLP®-based solutions for a broad range of applications. We are not only experts in DLP® interface and electronic controller board design, but specialize in custom optics as well as prototype design and development.

Feel free to reach out to the DLi team to learn more about DLP® and our available solutions.

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