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DLi Deep Dives: SuperSpeed V-Modules

SuperSpeed V-Modules combine USB 3.0 data transfer with the speed and steering capabilities of the DLP® Discovery 4100, enabling a rapid launch into DLP application development. These V-Modules represent the highest performance class of DLP catalog products available. In this DLi Deep Dive, Justin Lemon takes a closer look at the innovative SuperSpeed V-Modules.

DLi is proud to carry SuperSpeed USB 3.0 DLP® V-Modules from our partners at ViALUX. The SuperSpeed V-Modules give the user full access to the DLP Discovery™ 4100 and LightCrafter™ 9000X Chipsets without the need of time-consuming developments for software, firmware and high frequency FPGA logic code.

The SuperSpeed V-Modules are the premier performing platform of the DLP catalog because they combine the highest-speed version of USB with the latest memory technology on the most versatile DLP architecture. V-Modules offer unique flexibility in mirror control enabling a wide variety of new emerging applications.

SuperSpeed V-Modules combine the USB 3.0 data transfer with the speed and steering capabilities of Discovery™4100 and LightCrafter™9000X, representing the highest performance class of DLP catalog products available. V-Modules offer outstanding pattern frequencies of up to 22,727 Hz and 50 Gbit/second bandwidth.

All V-Modules enable a rapid launch into DLP application development. The controller boards come pre-configured with high-speed ALP 4.3 FPGA logic and USB 3.0 controller firmware so that customers save time and costs on dedicated hardware and firmware development. V-Modules are well suited for education, academic research, proof of concept, and also as OEM components for series production.

The high-performance Discovery™4100 and LightCrafter™9000X chipsets on the V-Modules are driven by the ALP 4.3 Controller Suite. The ViALUX proprietary FPGA design is the core of the well proven firmware and software interface. The USB 3.0 device driver supports all current Microsoft® Windows® operating systems and guarantees smooth integration with any type of PC. By addressing unique V-Module device numbers, multiple V-Modules can be controlled simultaneously from one application program.

The USB 3.0 SuperSpeed transfer is the key for streaming data into the 8GB on-board RAM further enhanced by lossless on-the-fly compression. The SuperSpeed V-Module provides high flexibility by free choice of properties of the 3 sequence (Bit Depth, Picture Time, Trigger Control, & Looping/Repetition). This feature enables users to customize pattern sequences to meet their respective application requirements.

The SuperSpeed V-Modules are available in 4 x DMD sizes: 0.7” XGA, 0.95” 1080p, 0.96” WUXGA and 0.9” WQXGA. The DMD can be specified in operation with UV and Visible wavelengths.

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