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DLi Deep Dives: CELscope C-mount LED Microscope

The CELscope C-mount LED Microscope integrates DLi’s CEL5500 projector with a universal microscope interface to create a full DLP-powered microscopy application setup right out of the box. This DLi-exclusive product utilizes the modular optics design of the CEL to swap out its projection lens with a universal C-mount adapter which allows users to integrate the projector with off-the-shelf microscope parts to create a microscope interface or full microscope. In this DLi Deep Dive, Justin Lemon takes a closer look at the innovative CELscope product.

The CELscope is a fully assembled C-mount LED microscope customized specific to the customers’ requirements. Keeping with the modular design of the CEL5500, the projection lens is replaced with a threaded C-mount adapter which connects to standard off-the-shelf parts from third party vendors. The CELscope is ideal for a range of research applications such as fluorescence microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, and optogenetics.

Because the CELscope uses a microscope objective, users can greatly reduce the resolution pixel size at the image plane. This makes the CELscope the perfect solution for applications such as nano-printing and lithography.


  • CELscope
  • LED Block Assembly
  • CELconductor Control Software
  • DLPC200 API
  • DLi Power & Cable Kit (HDMI, USB, I/O, Power supply)

*Optional Add-On: Fiber Block Assembly

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