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DLi at SPIE Photonics West 2018

DLi’s Executive Vice President Jorge Moguel was at SPIE Photonics West, from January 27-February 1, 2018, in San Francisco, California. Photonics West is the world’s largest photonics technologies event, consisting of three conferences and two exhibitions. Jorge co-chaired the session, “Biomedical Imaging with Advanced Microscopy using a DMD or other MEMS Array” on January 30. This session was a part of Conference 10546, Emerging Digital Micromirror Device Based Systems and Applications X. Session 4: Biomedical Imaging with Advanced Microscopy using a DMD or other MEMS Array Session Chairs: Jorge Moguel, Digital Light Innovations & Benjamin L. Lee, Texas Instruments Inc.
  • DMD-based random-access scanner for ultrafast 3D two-photon imaging
    • Paper 10546-12
    • Time: 8:40 AM – 9:00 AM
    • Author(s): Qiang Geng, Shih-Chi Chen, The Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
  • Use of digital micromirror devices as dynamic pinhole arrays for adaptive confocal fluorescence microscopy
    • Paper 10546-13
    • Time: 9:00 AM – 9:20 AM
    • Author(s): Paolo Pozzi, Dean Wilding, Oleg Soloviev, Gleb Vdovin, Michel Verhaegen, Technische Univ. Delf
  • DMD-based quantitative phase microscopy and optical diffraction tomography
    • Paper 10546-14
    • Time: 9:20 AM – 9:40 AM
    • Author(s): Renjie Zhou, The Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Di Jin, Zahid Yaqoob, Peter So, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Exploiting a digital micromirror device for a multimodal approach combining optical diffraction tomography and three-dimensional structured illumination microscopy
    • Paper 10546-15
    • Time: 9:40 AM – 10:00 AM
    • Author(s): Seungwoo Shin, Doyeon Kim, YongKeun Park, KAIST
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