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CEL5500 Light Engine: LED to Fiber Configuration

The CEL5500-LED Light Engine + Fiber Block Assembly gives users the best of both the CEL5500-LED Light Engine and the CEL5500-Fiber Light Engine. With the addition of the Fiber Block Assembly, users have the option to easily switch between LED and Fiber configurations without the need to purchase multiple DLP® light engines. In this how-to video, we take you through the step-by-step process of converting the CEL5500 Light Engine from a LED to a Fiber configuration.

DLi’s CEL5500 Compact Embeddable Light Engine is a modular, production-ready projection platform designed to provide users with a multi-functional, ready-to-use DLP® solution. The flexible, scalable architecture of the CEL5500 allows for a variety of illumination configurations to meet research, development and volume production needs. These light engines are designed for high-brightness, monochromatic applications such as 3D Printing, Microscopy, Machine Vision and Medical Imaging.

The CEL5500-LED Light Engine is designed for a variety of monochromatic structured light applications.  The LED Block Assembly includes a single-channel Red, Green, Blue or UV (405nm) LED. Additional LED Block Assemblies can be purchased separately. The LED Block Assemblies easily slide into the chassis on the illumination side of the CEL5500 allowing users to conveniently and cost effectively maximize the use of their DLP® system.

The CEL5500-Fiber Light Engine is designed for users looking to incorporate their own light source. Mounted to the front of the CEL5500-Fiber Light Engine is the Fiber Block Assembly. The Fiber Block Assembly is a simple drop-in-replacement that conveniently slides into the chassis on the illumination side of the CEL5500 Light Engine.

Click here to learn more about the CEL5500 Light Engine, or contact us at to learn more.

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