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3DLightPro at ARMA Trade Show 2017!

DLi and the TyRex Family of technology companies exhibited at the Austin Regional Manufacturers Association ARMA Tradeshow, booth #419, on September 28 at the Palmer Events Center in Austin, TX. 

The ARMA 2017 Central Texas Manufacturing Trade Show & Procurement Conference featured presentations and exhibits from vendors in the semiconductor, electronics, medical device, life science and government sectors. We showcased our new 3DLP9000 Light Engine, part of our 3DLightPro product family, capable of 3D printing down to the 365nm range!

The 3DLP9000 is a unique light engine designed specifically with the professional-grade DLP® 3D printer in mind. Its streamlined design is optimized for optical efficiency in the 365nm to 405nm spectral range and features 4 million pixels resolution, representing the largest build area as well as UV spectrum for a DLP® 3D printer on the market. The 3DLP9000 offers world-class distortion and uniformity to benefit applications with even the most stringent accuracy and precision requirements.

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