Our DLi4130 High-Speed Development Kits unlock the full capabilities of the DLP® Discovery™ 4100 Chipsets by offering users a suite of high-performance functions through an API that maximizes the high speed abilities of the DLP® hardware. DLi4130 Development Kits include the DLP® Discovery™ 4100 Development Kit, ALP 4.1 High-Speed Controller Suite and DLi Power & Cable Kit. The Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) can be specified for operation with Visible or UV wavelengths and is available in .7″ XGA or .95″ 1080p. The DLi4130 is one of the fastest and most capable DLP® spatial light modulators (SLM) available with pattern rates up to 22,727Hz binary and 290Hz 8-bit grayscale.

To increase performance, the DLi4130 control board is upgraded with 4GB DDR2 SODIMM, ALP-4.1 High-Speed Firmware, and FPGA battery for storing up to 40,000 XGA patterns. Sequences of patterns are generated and uploaded in the PC while the ALP-4.1 High-Speed API provides users a variety of customizable controls such as bit depth, user-configurable triggers, frame rate, pattern display time, pattern loop, and LED parameters.

A Directory of API Commands & Descriptions is provided to assist users with programming the DLi4130. The DLi4130 offers easily integrated tools for programming operations from a PC running on Windows 10, 7, XP, or Vista 32/64-bit.

The DLi4130 supports a wide variety of emerging applications including Maskless Lithography, Spectroscopy, Medical Imaging, Compressive Sensing, Defense & Security, 3D Volumetric Display, Robotic Guidance, 3D Scanning, 3D Machine Vision, 3D Metrology, Rapid Prototyping and Hyperspectral Imaging.


  • DLP® Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) Options
    • DLP7000 .7” VIS XGA 2xLVDS Type-A DMD
    • DLP7000 .7” UV XGA 2xLVDS Type-A DMD
    • DLP9500 .95” VIS 1080p 2xLVDS Type-A DMD
    • DLP9500 .95” UV 1080p 2xLVDS Type-A DMD
  • DLP® Support Chips
    • DLPC410 DMD Digital Controller
    • DLPR410 PROM
    • DLPA200 DMD Micromirror Driver(s)
  • Resolution Options
    • 1024 x 768 (XGA)
    • 1920 x 1080 (1080p)
  • Pattern rates
    • 1-bit – 22,727Hz (XGA)
    • 1-bit – 10,638Hz (1080p)
    • 8-bit – 290Hz (XGA)
    • 8-bit – 255Hz (1080p)
    • Video – NA
  • 2 Input/Output syncs & triggers
  • USB 2.0
  • Stores up to 43,690 XGA 1bpp patterns
  • Compatible with all Windows platforms
  • User-configurable controls (Pattern Rate, Bit Depth, I/O Triggers, and Looping & Image Scrolling)
  • 4GB on-board RAM
  • High-frequency firmware with scalability


  • DLi4130 .7” VIS XGA High-Speed Development Kit
  • DLi4130 .7” UV XGA High-Speed Development Kit
  • DLi4130 .95” VIS 1080p High-Speed Development Kit
  • DLi4130 .95” UV 1080p High-Speed Development Kit


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