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RIT Research Spotlight Slider

RIT, NASA, JHU and STSI evaluate use of digital micromirror devices in space applications

“Overall DMDs are extremely robust and promise to provide a reliable alternative to microshutter arrays to be used in space as remotely programmable slit masks for MOS design” Multiobject spectrometers (MOSs) have benefitted from the use of digital micromirror devices (DMDs) as programmable slit masks in ground-based applications because of the high reliability and accuracy

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3DLP9000 Software Micro Dive

DLi Micro Dives: 3DLP9000 Software Setup, Part 1

The DLi Micro Dives series takes a closer look at the features and specifications of DLi’s products, including details about software, product setup, as well as optics & illumination. In the first of this two-part video, DLi’s Justin Lemon walks you through the basic software setup for operating the 3DLP9000 UV Light Engine. With access to

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KAIST Research Spotlight Slider

KAIST Uses DLi4130 Development Kit to Establish Novel Holographic Microscopic Technique

“The DLi4130 Development Kit combined with Lee holography was adopted to modulate complex amplitude of incident light and to measure the corresponding response of the scattering layer.” For an optical microscope based on refraction of a lens, it is challenging to achieve high-resolution imaging with a long-working-distance. Due to the finite aperture of a lens,

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DLideas ARVR 2

DLideas 8: Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality, Part 2

The DLideas series focuses on current developments in the world of DLP® and emerging applications using the technology. One of the most common augment reality applications is head-up displays or HUDs. HUDs are a classification extending to any transparent display that presents data without requiring the user to look away from the usual field of

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Allen Institute Research Spotlight Slider

Allen Institute for Brain Science Explores Mouse Color Vision Using DLP® Light Engine

“This work was only possible because of the custom CEL5500 DLP Light Engine system and DLi’s engineering team.” Understanding how the brain represents visual information can help doctors develop new treatments for disorders that affect vision. The majority of mammals, including mice, are able to see colors, allowing the mouse visual system to increasingly be

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DLideas ARVR

DLideas 8: Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

The DLideas series focuses on current developments in the world of DLP® and emerging applications using the technology. Virtual and augmented reality, also referred to as immersive displays, are accomplished primarily by stimulating vision and hearing. Virtual reality (VR) facilitates the generation of real life simulations and creates an immersive experience for the user so

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