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DLi Graphic Website Research Spotlight MSU

Michigan State University Uses DLP to Improve Metal Additive Manufacturing

“The 3DLP9000 is specifically designed for 3D printing purposes, providing high uniformity and low distortion to help maximize power delivered to the resin.” 3D printing began as a tool for rapid prototyping, and it has been evolving within a variety of different technologies. As this process is beginning to be utilized more often in additive

DLi Graphic Website Innovation Insights 3DLP9000

Product Spotlight: 3DLP9000 UV Light Engine

With access to 4 million pixel resolution in a DLP® light engine capable of 3D printing down to the 365nm range, researchers and developers using DLi’s 3DLP9000 .9″ WQXGA Light Engine can speed up their work like never before. The 3DLP9000, the first of the 3DLightPro family, is a high efficiency light engine designed specifically with the professional-grade

DLi Graphic Website Innovation Insights CEL5500 Vs DLi6500

DLP Decisions: CEL5500 Light Engine vs DLi6500 Type-S Optics Bundle

When searching for a DLP solution, it’s difficult to decide what is best suited for your application. The DLi team is here to support you throughout your search for the right solution. There are a variety of off-the-shelf, production ready optical modules available to help accelerate your design and development time for your advanced light

DLi Graphic Website Innovation Insights D4100

DLP Decisions: DLi 41xx Development Kit Series

The DLi41xx Series includes three turn-key development kits that expand the capabilities of the best-selling Discovery™ D4100 by Texas Instruments. The team at DLi has created DLP® (Digital Light Processing) solutions based on the DLP® Discovery 4100 platform designed to meet customers’ varying needs.  The D4100 Chipsets consist of the ultra high-performance DLPC410 DMD Digital

DLi Defined: Pixel Orientation

DLi Defined: Pixel Orientation

In this second set of our DLi Defined series, we explore the variety of DMD pixel orientations. To understand the three prevailing pixel orientations in today’s photonics industry, it’s important to understand the history. These orientations were created and named at different times, leading to overlapping and somewhat confusing terminology. Orthogonal orientation came first. TRP

DLi Graphic Website Happenings Photonics West 2020

DLi Photonics West 2020 Highlights

The DLi team attended SPIE Photonics West, from February 4 – 6 in San Francisco, California. Photonics West is the world’s largest photonics technologies event, consisting of three conferences and two exhibitions. This year, our partners at Shanghai Optics welcomed us into their booth where DLi showcased the 3DLP9000 Light Engine. We want to thank Shanghai Optics for