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SuperSpeed ALP Update

DLP Software Update: ALP-4.3 Controller Suite for SuperSpeed V-Modules

Updates to the ALP-4.3 Controller Suite software have been released for the DLP® SuperSpeed V-Modules. The ALP-4.3 Release 21 includes additions to the FPGA logic, the USB 3.0 controller firmware and the API DLL software. The update is distributed free of charge to all customers using the DLP SuperSpeed V-Modules. The installation of the most

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D4100 Assembly Guide

DLP® Discovery™ D4100 Development Kits Assembly Guide

The DLP® Discovery™ 4100 Development Kits (D4100) are entry level kits that provide access to all the basic capabilities for users wanting to understand the functionality of a DLP platform. The key components of the development kits include the D4100 Controller Board and the DMD Assembly. In this how-to video, we take you through the

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SugarCUBE LED Light Sources

SugarCUBE™ LED Light Sources

Digital Light Innovations is proud to now offer SugarCUBE™ LED Light Sources to its customers through the online DLi Store. Click here to learn more about each type of SugarCUBE and purchase today! Overview These light sources are super bright fiber optic illuminators which deliver up to 20-55 lumens per watt. SugarCUBE starts with the brightest sources available

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CEL5500 LED to Fiber How To

CEL5500 Light Engine: LED to Fiber Configuration

The CEL5500-LED Light Engine + Fiber Block Assembly gives users the best of both the CEL5500-LED Light Engine and the CEL5500-Fiber Light Engine. With the addition of the Fiber Block Assembly, users have the option to easily switch between LED and Fiber configurations without the need to purchase multiple DLP® light engines. In this how-to video, we take

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Micro Dives 3DLP9000 Optics

DLi Micro Dives: 3DLP9000 Optics

The DLi Micro Dives series takes a closer look at the features and specifications of DLi’s products, including details about software, product setup, as well as optics & illumination. In this Micro Dive, we take a deeper look into the optics of the 3DLP9000 UV Light Engine, including the illumination block, main body and projection

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CEL5500 Product Preview

DLi Product Preview: CEL5500 Light Engines

DLi’s CEL5500 Compact Embeddable Light Engine is a modular, production-ready projection platform designed to provide users with a multi-functional, ready-to-use DLP® solution. The flexible, scalable architecture of the CEL5500 allows for a variety of illumination configurations to meet research, development and volume production needs. Learn more about the features of the CEL5500 Light Engines in this DLi

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