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TyRex at the Photonics West Conference

TyRex Services Group and Integrated Services attended the Photonics West Conference and Exhibition held in San Jose, California, from January 21st – 26th. For the past 2 years Becky Bell and James Scogin have partnered with Texas Instruments to demonstrate the DMD Discovery product line and custom design services. Photonics West 2006 is known as “the industry event” for engineers, scientists and researchers working in the field of photonics, which encompasses technology related to generation, control and measurement of photons — the particles that comprise light.

The interest level of DMD has risen in recent years because of the introduction of DMD usage in future technology. With 1,000 exhibitors and 16,000 attendees, there were lots of technology and purchasing questions. Customer inquiries ranged from laser and optical storage in consumer electronics, next-generation optical computing, and light-based methods to detect and treat cancer. There were also questions about fiber optic sensors that can detect toxins in exhaled breath or bio hazards in the environment.

As the exclusive distributor and sponsor for Texas Instruments DMD Discovery products, TyRex’s goal is to target non-typical product applications that will attract scientists and inventors ready to share innovative thoughts and ideas.

The Photonics West conference is beneficial by demonstrating the Discovery products to customers who want to see product performance. This year’s show persuaded four customers to order the product and another customer who is interested in a custom board design.

Our next events will be held at the Photonics Europe show in Strasbourg, France from April 4th – 6th and the Photonics East in Washington, DC in October of this year.

Congratulations TyRex Services on a successful show.

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Notably, DLi was the first to receive the DLP Authorized Design House designation from Texas Instruments (TI), and has partnered with TI to design and manufacture the electronic controller boards, firmware and software for the Explorer API and Control Software utilized by the best-selling DLP Discovery™ Development Kits and LightCrafter™ 6500/9000 EVMs.