CEL5500 Light Engine Header

CEL5500 DLP Light Engines

DLi’s CEL5500 Compact Embeddable Light Engine is a modular, production-ready projection platform designed to provide users with a multi-functional, ready-to-use DLP® solution. The flexible, scalable architecture of the CEL5500 allows for a variety of illumination configurations to meet research, development and volume production needs. These light engines are designed for high-brightness, monochromatic applications such as 3D Printing, Microscopy, Machine Vision and Medical Imaging.

The CEL5500 utilizes the DLP5500 .55” XGA Chipset enabling pattern rates up to 5,000 Hz binary, 500 Hz 8-bit grayscale, and 60 Hz video. Because the CEL5500 is built on the same DLP5500 Chipset as the best-selling LightCommander™ platform, also known as DLPC200 API, users can speed up development by leveraging the same custom code and projects.

The CEL5500 features onboard pattern storage and is configured with 1x input triggers/2x output syncs for synchronization with cameras and other external devices. Keeping with the modular design capabilities, the CEL5500 includes a standard 37mm threaded projection lens which provides the option to apply off-the-shelf adapters specific to users’ optics requirements.

CELconductor GUI Control Software is also included with the CEL5500. It gives users full control over the DMD without the need for programming. In addition, this software provides a multitude of tools and resources to help users skip straight to the innovation phase of their project.

Due to its small portable size, users can easily embed these light engines in medical devices, microscopes, lab instruments, optics tables, and production environments.

Additional specifications can be accessed through the CEL5500 Spec Sheet and Product Guide.



CEL5500-LED Light Engine (Side)

The CEL5500-LED Light Engine is designed for a variety of monochromatic structured light applications.  The LED Block Assembly includes a single-channel Red, Green, Blue or UV (405nm) LED. Additional LED Block Assemblies can be purchased separately. The LED Block Assemblies easily slide into the chassis on the illumination side of the CEL5500 allowing users to conveniently and cost effectively maximize the use of their DLP system.


CEL5500 Product Box

The CEL5500-Fiber Light Engine is designed for users looking to incorporate their own light source. Mounted to the front of the CEL5500-Fiber Light Engine is the Fiber Block Assembly. The Fiber Block Assembly is a simple drop-in-replacement that conveniently slides into the chassis on the illumination side of the CEL5500 Light Engine.


CEL5500-LED w/Fiber Assembly (Side)

The CEL5500-LED Light Engine + Fiber Block Assembly gives users the best of both worlds. With the addition of the Fiber Block Assembly, users have the option to easily switch between LED and Fiber configurations without the need to purchase multiple DLP light engines.



The CELscope integrates the CEL5500 Light Engine with a Microscope Objective to create a full DLP microscopy application setup. The CELscope can be tailored with a select choice of microscope objective magnifications. A linear translation stage and eye piece are included. The CELscope can be upgraded with a camera port. The CELscope is available as an LED, Fiber, or LED + Fiber Block Assembly configuration. The CELscope is ideal for a range of research applications such as confocal microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, 3D holographic microscopy, optogenetics, nanolithography and medical imaging.

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